About us

BLENDED is Natural Skin Products.

Skin will benefit by being softer, more moisturised, reduced

wrinkles, anti-ageing is increased, has a soothing effect ,

reduces irritation, inflammation and scarring.

Has antibacterial and antioxidant properties so skin will

regenerate and heal quickly.

Is calming, detoxifying, tired muscles are rejuvenated.

Each product is filled with vitamins to uplift, maintain and

enhance skins quality.

All products are New Zealand made, Organically grown,

not tested on animals, packaging is recyclable.

Products & Services

All over, all rounder Balm

120ml Jar $ 30.00

Ingredients: Coconut Oil-Shea Butter- Calendula-KawakawaAloe Vera- Comfrey- Plantain-


Can use balm for facial moisturiser, sore joints, bruises, arthritis, eczema, dandruff, stings, bites,

wrinkles, pimples.

A good all-rounder balm.

Natural ingredients with all fauna being grown from my own spray free organic back yard.

Recyclable , New Zealand made, Not tested on animals.

Moisturising Eye Night Cream

30ml Jar $12.00

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Geranium Oil- Coconut Oil- Beeswax- Rosehip Oil.

Dab a little around eyes at night to reduce and maintain

fine lines around the eye.

Recyclable, New Zealand made, Not tested on animals.

Chest Rub

60ml Jar $15.00

Beeswax Shea Butter-Coconut Oil- Eucalyptus Oil,

Peppermint Oil.

Alleviates Chest Congestion. Much like Vicks vapor rub but natural and gentle.

Warm slightly before appyling.

Rub on Chest any time of day. Great for children as no harsh chemicals.

Recyclable, New Zealand made, Not tested on animals.

Healing Plantain

Healing Plantain 

50ml Dropper bottle, $15:00.

Plantain has been around for years.

Infused in Olive oil, can be taken internally and used externally. 

Speeds up cell growth, softens skin, is an anti-inflammatory. anti-toxin,

increase's excretion by your kidneys. 

Cures insect bites, reduces scarring, kill germs.

No Tested on Animals, Recyclable , Made in New Zealand.

Jo Dell

Natural Skin care that is sustainable while being beneficial for your

skin has been the catalyst for my Blended products..

Researching which plants will bring natural wellness to skin naturally has been a

fabulous learning .journey which I have absolutely enjoyed and loved every minute of.

If you would like better feeling better looking skin I encourage you give Blended a try, you will not be disappointed with the natural way of skin care.

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